An Introduction to 

Carbon Capture and Storage

An introduction to carbon capture and storage with a focus on the transport of carbon dioxide.

The subject is framed by discussing what is carbon capture and storage, why do we have to deploy it, the technologies currently available to capture carbon and the requirements that the geological reservoir needs to have to ensure the carbon will stay in place. This is followed by a description of design consideration during transportation of CO2.

The course is over one an half hour long with eight lectures and seven quizzes. You will receive a certificate of completion when you finish all the material.

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What is CCS and why do we need to use it

Overview of the technology and explanation of the challenges faced to reach net zero

Technologies to Capture Carbon

Description of the technologies available to capture carbon and their level of readiness 

Geological Storage

Benefits of geological storage and mechanisms that trap the CO2 underground 

CO2 Transportation

  • Composition of CO2 stream 
  • Dewatering requirements
  • Pipeline design capacity
  • Shutdown/restart
  • Turndown/ramp-up
  • Line packing
  • Depressurization
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